These companies have made financial contributions to support the EXPO. These contributions help defray some of the costs of the EXPO’s programs and special events. The support of our Silver and Bronze Sponsors is greatly appreciated.

SILVER Sponsors

A & B Packing Equipment

Adams County Nursery


BASF Corporation

Bay Valley Foods, LLC

Bejo Seeds, Inc

BelleHarvest Sales, Inc.

Coloma Frozen Foods

Harris Seeds


International Plant Management, Inc.

Knouse Foods

MAAT Produce Inc.

MACMA Apple Division

MSU AgBioResearch

Phil Brown Welding

Reister’s Grower Service

Stokes Seeds, Inc.


BRONZE Sponsors

Central Produce Sales, Inc.

Country Folks Grower

Grand View Media (Growing)

Greg Orchards and Produce

Honee Bear Canning

Oxbo International Corp.

Peach Ridge Orchard Supply

Putnam Plastics

Rasch Brothers Apple Storage LLC

Syngenta Seeds, Inc.